Steam Me

I stepped into the cold tiled shower cube keeping most of my shivering body away from the first blast of water, then eased my knotted form into the warming spray.

With my eyes closed I submitted myself naked in a slow pirouette of thanks, receiving the warm water’s absolution and letting my coldness swirl down the drain.

As my hands cupped the steaming liquid bringing it to my face I noticed the shower filling with foggy mist wrapping me in billowing layers of fog adding a sense of deep intimacy to the hot shower.

The chrome head spewed hot drops of pounding moisture into my skin softening me like a weathered stone, stretching and kneading me like dough.

All choice was stripped from my consciousness, I stood quietly letting the liquid punish my body with unrelenting heat causing me to sink to my knees with arms outstretched giving the spray access to my aching needy body culminating in choruses of hallelujah, hallelujah.

Slowly I rose up from the scarred tiles pulling myself upright and letting the water bring me back to the everyday going on outside my warm wet cocoon.

Where Ever You Are

Yesterday I looked up from the stainedsidewalk to see your reflection in Macy’sdowntown window, your red hooded woolcape tightly closed at the neck, your longbrown hair peeking out. I spun around,hoping to catch you, hoping you’d catch me.I guess I … [Continue reading]

Wrap Up

In the midst of everything I was ignored. Daily I'd stand hand extended, the crowds hustling past shunning connection proffering false intimacy. Sullen and rejected I watched time accelerate, crowds thin and pass me by. My life never amounted to … [Continue reading]